Stock selection algorithm by multiples

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Our algorithm for selecting stocks by multiples uses fundamental analysis of the stock market and will allow you to find companies with high growth potential in the short and long term. With this algorithm you will be able to win the market with a high probability.

This method will help you choose the most promising stocks with high growth potential and teach you how to analyze companies based on fundamentals.

In this method, we use the FINVIZ, where you can find a FINVIZ table with financials for each company, as well as a FINVIZ screener for analyzing companies. All of these tools are available on the FINVIZ website for free.

Fundamental analysis is a term for methods of predicting a company’s market value based on an analysis of its financial and operating performance. Fundamental analysis is used by investors to estimate a company’s value, which reflects the company’s state of affairs. At the same time, the company’s financial performance and its multiples are analyzed.

With the FINVIZ screener you can find any companies you are interested in. The problem is that you need to know how to use it. You need to know most of the multiples in order to understand which one affects what and how a change in one multiplier can affect the companies you are analyzing.

By studying my algorithm, you will be able to understand the fundamental multiples for analyzing each company, as well as learn how to compare multiples for different companies. You will learn the good and bad values for each multiplier and to adjust the screener to your criteria